By Gregory A. Bardasian

Self Portrait 2012
This  piece was a 3 month long project I made in the summer of 2012, before I had rededicated my life to Jesus Christ.  It is currently hanging in my dining room  just as you see it in these pictures; and every time I walk by it, it is a reminder of just how far the Lord has brought me from that time in my life; and the person I was then. If you keep reading you may see why. The piece was made from multiple instrument parts and materials; each specifically chosen and intended to metaphorically symbolize and interpret a different aspect of my own "introspection", sense of humor, and albeit altered, sense of self. Materials that make up the piece include: A hand carved pine skull cut away showing a web like group of woven piano strings to simulate the brain, teeth made from piano tuning pins, a Camel Blue cigarette, (By God's grace I am no longer a smoker, but at the time I was and had been since age 16) clavicle's made from piano action brackets, atop scapula's made from cast iron piano sound board. The vertebrae is a fender telecaster fretboard with piano back check's attached to the side and piano hammers attached the top acting as the rib cage. Behind the rib cage a mirror has been attached to add the value reflecting not only the pieces parts, but the viewers very image themselves, to attempt to communicate that their reflection is a part of me, and thus was in some way a part of them as well. The heart is handmade from copper sheet metal and red and blue vinyl coated copper is braided to simulate blood vessels woven in a wired time bomb like pattern. Looking back I find that so very fitting. The Humerus, carpals, and femur bones are hand carved pine, and the radius bones are drum sticks and the phalanges are made from piano damper levers. The pelvic girdle was made from a a fender acoustic body. Strategically located behind it is a sheet of gold coated metal that shrouds two industrial strength magnets behind the piece; which are strong enough to make the metal area magnetic and thus allowed several rusted screws of various shapes and sizes to cling to that section of the piece effortlessly. If you take the time to figure the symbolism of that, I believe you will understand what I meant earlier.  The assemblage is mounted atop a faux-finish made up of vinyl spackle, and acrylic paint. The framing is an antique gold faux-finish using metallic gold paint, and oil, on prefab pine trim boards. Though this piece was a real feat to create, I will be the first to admit that it is quite inappropriate, and may I also add arrogant. Having said that, I can say that I do still look at the piece with and smile. It just so happens I smile for a different reason however these days. I smile because by the grace of God, and the love of Jesus Christ, I am no longer remotely close to that person who created this piece nor the person the piece was created to represent. For that I am so very thankful; and for that I take no credit.  I give the Lord all the credit. Jesus has set me free. I have been given a whole new life, and I now know true joy, fulfillment, purpose, and love.

Assemblage and Painting: Gregory A. Bardasian
Length: 56 inches
Width:  34 inches
Depth: 8 inches
Weight: 79 lbs
Not for Sale